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Why choose a career in engineering?

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago

Do you want a career that allows you to be creative, solve complex problems and make a big impact on the world around you? If the answer is yes, then a career in engineering could be the right move for you! Of course, you need to be prepared to put in a lot of time, effort and dedication. Engineering is a scientific field and it’s fundamental that future engineers have the ability to solve problems and understand what lies ahead in the industry.

Engineering is at the core of everything we do from using our mobile phones, appliances we use and the vehicles we drive. It really doesn’t matter what your interests are, engineering has no limits. Want to know more about the rewards? Here are some of the top reasons to pursue a career in engineering:

Career prospects

By pursuing a career in engineering, you are opening yourself up to a huge range of career opportunities. This is because the knowledge and skills you acquire as a problem solver, creative and logical thinker, communicator and team player, just to name a few, are extremely transferable. It’s no wonder that engineers are in great demand for a variety of jobs. There are so many industries to consider such as manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, rail and marine. Whatever your passion or wherever your interests lie, a career in engineering means you will have a wide range of opportunities to choose from.

A great salary

Currently the average salary of an engineer in the UK is around £34,500. Engineering graduates will earn one of the highest starting salaries in graduate roles compared to other degrees. As technology and science continues to progress, this makes engineering an incredibly exciting industry to be working in and one that is especially financially stable.

Challenge and creativity

Engineering is an incredibly challenging and creative profession. To be successful in the industry you need to be able to use mathematics, science, technology, problem solving skills and creativity on a day to day basis. In this modern world, technology develops at a rapid pace, and it’s vitally important that engineers can keep up with these changes. One thing is for sure, no day is the same in this ever-changing industry. The most difficult problems to solve are those that require a huge amount of creative thinking, so the two go hand in hand. There are no textbook answers when it comes to solving problems in engineering. It is up to the engineer to come up with a suitable solution to solve problems and simply convince others why their solution is the one to use.

Travel opportunities

It’s likely that you may get the opportunity to travel when your career in engineering takes off. Engineering is a big global industry and projects happen across the world, in certain sectors such as oil and gas it may be the case that travelling is part of your job. It’s important to do your research and find out which areas will offer the opportunities you are potentially looking for.


Becoming an engineer means you will be working with intelligent, like-minded professionals; therefore, teamwork is highly important if you want to pursue a career in engineering. There are very few engineers who work alone, so you need to be able to work alongside other engineers, clients and staff. By working in a team, you will be contributing towards some incredible ideas and projects. You will also learn from each other on a daily basis meaning your knowledge and skills as an engineer is forever growing. There really are no limits to the knowledge you can obtain working in this profession.


These are just a few of the rewards you can gain by choosing a career in engineering. There’s no doubt there is a lot to learn and the road ahead will be long, but If you’re ready to put in lots of hard work and dedication, your possibilities are endless. Engineers are enormously important for the economy to flourish so engineers will always be in demand. It’s difficult to find a career that has so many rewards, from various career prospects, a great salary and job security, the chance to be creative and make a difference in the world we live in, not to mention the opportunity to travel and work with some fantastic intelligent teams of people. Think you have what it takes? It’s now up to you to take your first step into building a successful career in engineering!