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Why companies should take advantage of the surge of new candidates during Covid-19

  • Publish Date: Posted about 4 years ago

Recruitment has changed massively over the past few months with many organisations putting a freeze on recruitment, furloughing staff or having no choice but to make redundancies. During uncertain times like these, many companies will look at reducing staff in order to cut costs.

So, should you put recruitment on hold or continue to keep the ball rolling? There is no simple yes or no answer, as every workplace will have been affected differently by Covid-19. What you can do however, is assess the impact the current pandemic has had on your business and make an informed decision whether to see this as a time to put everything on hold, or recognise that this could be a window of opportunity for the future of your company.

Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider staying ahead of the recruitment game:

Highly skilled candidates

The financial impact of Covid-19 for many businesses has unfortunately led to numerous highly skilled people now out of work. Some of these candidates may not usually be open to a job change, however now, through no fault of their own, are available amongst other experienced candidates.

This surge of talented candidates entering the job market, can sometimes be rare to find in normal circumstances. This is a great opportunity to recruit the very best talent while the job market is inundated with candidates who are actively seeking work.

Staying ahead of the competition

As restrictions start to be lifted, demand for new members of staff among businesses will increase significantly. Those that have taken this opportunity to get ahead of the game, and who have kept conversations flowing with candidates will be well positioned to recruit quickly and already have new staff in place once business returns to normal. These are the companies who are likely to bounce back quickly, due to having a strategy in place to seek out talented candidates while many are seeking new employment.

How recruitment agencies can help

If you usually use a recruitment agency to help source candidates when times are good, why wouldn’t you seek the support when times are hard. Recruitment agencies don’t just source candidates, they are there to add value and offer clients support through these unprecedented times. Recruiting is a time-consuming process and using an agency will significantly help to relieve the pressure. By continually investing in knowledge and resources to keep on top of the job market, recruitment agencies can actively source talented candidates and negotiate terms, leaving you to free up time on other business priorities.

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