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Tips on what to look for when hiring engineers

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 4 years ago

​Engineering is a highly competitive field so it’s important that companies know what to look out for during the recruitment process to give them the best chance of hiring talented engineers. Engineers contribute greatly to business growth, and the decisions you make can either make or break the projects you have planned. Therefore, it is crucial to be able to identify what gives engineering candidates that competitive edge. Here are some tips to help you build a great engineering team:

Don’t put too much emphasis on education

A lot of companies put those with degrees to the top of their list when scanning CV’s. However, a lot of successful engineers have no degree at all. Education alone shouldn’t be used to filter engineering candidate’s CV’s. Make sure to look for experience and traits that are important to your business and consider who you think would fit in well with the company. Hiring engineering candidates based on their skills over education is more likely to get you the best talent in the engineering job market.

Look at their interests outside of the workplace

Engineering candidates who show a big passion for their field of work and undertake projects outside of the workplace are likely to be highly successful. When considering who to hire, make sure you find out about their interests. If they show dedication to projects outside of work, it’s a good sign that they will be dedicated and passionate about their new role.

Pair engineers up

For most engineering roles, teamwork is highly important. There are very few engineers who work alone, so whoever you recruit needs to be able to work alongside other engineers. Companies may want to consider pairing engineers up to work on a task as part of the recruitment process. It’s important to find candidates who can collaborate well with others and who can take constructive criticism on board when working with other engineers.

Work with a specialist recruitment agency

Using a specialist recruitment agency with expertise in a particular field can save both time and money. Recruiters know the industry very well and have the experience and resources to find the very best candidates for your company. By establishing a relationship with a recruiter, if a great candidate comes into the job market, your business will be the first to know. This means you get to hire the very best talent in the job market giving you an edge over your competitors who may be recruiting without the help of an experienced agency. By continually investing in knowledge and resources to keep on top of the job market, recruitment agencies can actively source talented candidates and negotiate terms, leaving you to free up time on other business priorities.

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