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The benefits of signing up to a recruitment agency

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago

​Candidates who sign up with a recruitment agency find it benefits their job search. According to a report by Agency Central, over 50% of candidates turn to recruitment agencies to find a new role. And it’s no surprise when they offer many advantages for job seekers.

To give you more insight, we’ve compiled a list of the best reasons for approaching a recruitment agency for help:

Expert recruiters with specialist knowledge

One of the best reasons to sign up to a recruitment agency is the level of knowledge and expertise they offer. Recruitment consultants gain vast amounts of experience working with a range of companies and candidates. But they also become familiar with how each company works and what they’re looking for in candidates. All this knowledge adds significant value to a candidate’s experience and to their chances of securing a role.

With a deep level of expertise and knowledge behind them, recruitment consultants offer something unique. By acting as intermediaries or match-makers, they use careful judgement and experience to find the right roles for candidates. And this is a level of access that’s not otherwise easy to find.

Access to a large network of roles

A recruitment agency has relationships with many companies. And while some companies may not be actively searching for new talent, when they are, it’s the agency they will tell first. And that’s because agencies have a large pool of registered talent to consider putting forward.

Bear in mind that companies also need candidates for harder to fill interim roles like contract, temporary and part-time jobs. And so a recruitment agency can help to fill these roles by reaching out to registered candidates as soon as they arrive.

Early notice of new positions

Recruitment consultants have the advantage of being insiders to the industry. And by establishing working partnerships with a wide range of companies, they’re likely to be the first to hear about new opportunities.

Candidates who want to hear about fresh new vacancies must first register with the recruitment agency. If not, they may miss out on them, especially when the market becomes competitive. In some cases, a role won’t get posted to company jobs board or to LinkedIn. In this case, candidates who’ve registered with a recruitment agency are more likely to get first dibs when a job goes live.

Faster placement

A significant benefit of working with a recruitment agency is the speed at which they work. The jobs market moves fast and new hires are usually needed quickly. So, if you’ve registered with a recruitment agency, they will most likely have their finger on the pulse of any new opportunities.

Not only that, but recruitment agencies will work harder for clients they want to keep. So for candidates, the result is getting a recruiter on board who will make all the right moves to get you into position as soon as possible.

CV development and interview preparation

A recruitment agency will have its finger on the pulse of new roles and understand what employers are looking for. They will also have up-to-date experience when it comes to CV development and interview preparation.

Agencies can give candidates support by making suggestions of what to keep in or change in their CV. They can also provide advice on the right questions to ask at interview and the types of things the hiring panel will be looking for in a strong candidate.

Help with getting a pay rise

At Metalis, we find some candidates can underestimate the value of their skills and experience. But also, we know whether a company has room to move upwards and offer a high-quality candidate the package or salary they deserve.

By working with a recruitment agency, candidates can expect to get plenty of help and support in gaining a higher salary. Very often, a recruitment agency will ask candidates about salary expectations and will have a good idea of whether their expectations are in line with market rates.

Regular communication, support, and guidance

Finding a new job isn’t easy. Especially when you’re looking for one that matches your career goals, skillset and values. Recruitment agencies can help you through the process with support and guidance. They know the industry and what companies are looking for, and can give you helpful advice on what could be the best next step in your career.

What’s more, if you were unsuccessful in securing the role, a recruitment agency can offer valuable and constructive feedback. And this can be of huge benefit in looking for the next best fit.

A free service

The best thing about working with an agency to find your next job is that it’s free. Recruitment agencies don’t charge you for the work they do. So all that feedback, financial negotiation, advice and support in finding your role will not cost you a penny.

Register with Metalis and get the benefits of a recruitment agency

Signing up to a recruitment agency can elevate a candidate’s job search into new areas and ideas. Not only do recruitment agencies have access to a wider pool of opportunities, but they can be there to support you and get you the results you deserve.

To get the benefits of working with a recruitment agency, register with Metalis and upload your CV to our website. Once we have your details we’ll review your skills, qualifications and experience and then be in touch to let you know how we can help you.

Metalis has the knowledge and expertise to help you find your next best role in the engineering and manufacturing industry.