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A Day In The Life Of A Recruitment Team Leader

  • Publish Date: Posted about 2 months ago

​What does your typical day involve as a Recruitment Team Leader?

My day starts with a strong coffee and breaky, always! Once I have my dose of caffeine, me and the South Yorkshire team sit down together for our morning meeting. We discuss our current struggles and successes and throw around any ideas for improvement, sometimes even what we had for tea the night before.

Throughout my day it consists of sourcing candidates for my own vertical, whether that be maintenance engineers, service engineers, EICA engineers or maintenance managers. Metalis use various sources to find the best candidates such as advertisements, job boards, LinkedIn and our own CRM system. Other parts of my role include arranging interviews, business development and building long lasting relationships with our clients with site visits.

The good thing about my role is that during all of this, I have a great team to lead. This part of the job involves leading team meetings, keeping everyone motivated and ensuring that we are constantly implementing new plans and ways to work to keep our job fun!

How has your role evolved since starting with Metalis?

I joined Metalis back in 2021 as a Recruitment Consultant, I had no recruitment experience and so, I was entering the unknown so to speak. At this stage Metalis had only been established for a few years and therefore it was a relatively small team. I covered a range of engineering and manufacturing roles including shop floor, design, maintenance and office within the permanent team.

After receiving positive feedback from clients, candidates and my colleagues throughout the last few years, I have moved up in my role to Senior and then Team Leader. I also now solely focus on recruitment for the maintenance, installation and servicing departments which gives me more scope to build more important relationships with hiring managers. As well as leading the South Yorkshire team.

What attracted you to a career in recruitment?

I came to recruitment from an estate agency and to be completely honest, I was after a better work life balance. After doing a bit of research I found that a lot of the skills from the industries were similar, the main one is dealing with people. The key difference being you are selling experienced candidates rather than houses of course!

What challenges do you face as a recruiter and how do you overcome them?

Recruitment can sometimes be unpredictable; you can have a month of set back after set back but then things can turn around in the last second. As with many ‘sales’ based roles there will always be an element of rejection, whether that be a client not wanting to work with you or a candidate rejecting your job offer. The key is just to have a minute, get some words of wisdom from your colleagues and keep working – as long as you have put the work in things will always (mostly) work in your favour.