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Metalis Award Employee of the Month for May

  • Publish Date: Posted 24 days ago

​At Metalis, we take pride in celebrating outstanding employees who showcase exceptional dedication and commitment in their roles. It is with great pleasure that we announce Curtis Chadwick, a valued member of the team at Trelleborg, as our Employee of the Month for May.

Curtis has been an integral part of the workforce at Trelleborg, demonstrating long-standing commitment and impeccable attendance since the start of his role as a Production Operative. Client Relationship Manager Suzie Davison and Recruitment Manager Lorna Baines had the pleasure of personally visiting Curtis at Trelleborg to deliver the news. He was presented with a gift card and a certificate of appreciation.

Robert Cox, Operations Manager at Trelleborg, said: "Curtis is an absolute pleasure to work with. He can often be seen leading in events and making fantastic positive contributions to any activity. He has a fantastic knack for inspiring and motivating people around him. Curtis has been a valued member of the Trelleborg family for some time now, and he delivers and exceeds expectations time and time again."

At Metalis, we understand the importance of acknowledging and rewarding excellence. Curtis's commitment to his role is a testament to the caliber of professionals we strive to place with our clients.

Speaking about his role and experience with Metalis, Curtis said: "Since working at Telleborg, I've learnt a lot of new skills and been made to feel part of a team. Management is supportive of everything you want to do; there is always someone there if you need any guidance or training, and they are always looking out for you to try new opportunities in the factory.

"The most rewarding aspect of the job is being able to help out in different areas, which means venturing out and getting your hands into something new. It's also great to receive acknowledgment and praise for the work you do.

"Metalis has always answered any questions I have had and kept me up to date. They are very supportive, and there's always someone at hand to help you. I know other lads who have been with different agencies, and they always want to change to Metalis as they’ve never had full clarity or answers with other agencies."

We extend our congratulations to Curtis on being named our Employee of the Month. We look forward to witnessing his continued success in the future.